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TDK launches Pro Grade HDV media

15 November 2006

Designed to address professional media requirements in a growing market for HD recording, TDK has introduced its Pro Grade HDV media in Europe. By incorporating the highest quality tape and cartridge technologies, TDK says that Pro Grade HDV media allows users to maximise the full latent potential of HD recording.

Compliant with digital master quality specifications, TDK’s Pro Grade HDV media offers the lowest possible dropout and error rates available. Combining high output with durability, it features a two layer tape structure with Dual Layer Metal Evaporation (DLME) and Hard Carbon Protective Layer (HCPL) technologies.

“With the introduction of Pro Grade HDV, TDK is extending its commitment to offering the fullest possible range of professional media solutions for capturing and recording HD video,” noted Taro Ikushima, TDK product manager for commercial products. “TDK tapes have long been known for their unrivalled performance and reliability, and Pro Grade HDV stays true to our tradition of being the quality leader. By using a specially formulated tape structure along with our premium cartridge design, we’ve created the world’s highest performance, highest reliability media for HDV camcorders. From HDV tapes and Professional Disc media for capturing footage, to Blu-ray Discs for authoring and archiving, TDK is leading the transition to HD.”

As demonstrated by scientific testing conducted by TDK, the company’s Pro Grade HDV media delivers an 80% lower dropout rate, 5% higher output and 10% better reliability than standard DVC media. Importantly, TDK Pro Grade HDV is an attractive option for a large cross-section of professionals interested in trouble-free recording in light of its universal compatibility with HDV camcorders.

TDK Pro Grade HDV offers 63-minute length and is ideally suited for capturing footage in superb quality HD resolutions such as 1080i and 720p. Supplied in library cases that securely close, sealing out potential contaminants such as dust and liquids, TDK Pro Grade HDV comes fully equipped for shelf archival.

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