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TCS intros Skquattro Mk2 pedestal

23 May 2013
TCS intros Skquattro Mk2 pedestal

The Camera Store, part of the Vitec Group, has introduced the new Skquattro Mk2 pedestal which incorporates both grooved track-wheels and pneumatic-tyred wheels to allow easy transport to and from a delivery vehicle or OB vehicle.

"We have developed the Squattro Mk2 in co-operation with Grip Factory Munich," comments Tim Highmoor, head of rentals at TCS. "The result gives television production crews the ability to transport and install a high-specification camera mount quickly and easily for use as a floor or track pedestal. The Skquattro Mk2 was first used during broadcast coverage of the BRIT Awards at the 02 Arena in London, allowing film-style production including precise control of lateral and vertical camera movement while retaining the stability and precision for which Vinten pedestals are reknown."

Solid-tyred wheels can be fitted in place of the pneumatic tyres if required to allow traditional wheeled OB or studio operation.

"The increasing popularity of large-screen domestic television receivers has made stable camera operation as vital for broadcast productions as for film," adds Marcus Buetefuer sales manager of Grip Factory Munich. "We are greatly impressed by the stability and versatility of the Skquattro Mk2 and will be demonstrating it on our stand at this September’s IBC exhibition."

Developed by TCS from the Vinten Quattro pedestal, the Skquattro gives camera operators the ability to deliver low and high angle shots while moving along a track. The pedestal supports a camera and viewfinder combination weighing up to 100 kilogrammes and enables up to 99 centimetres of ‘on-shot’ elevation adjustment.

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