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TalkTalk exploits ATEME video compression

12 November 2012
TalkTalk exploits ATEME video compression

TalkTalk TV has selected ATEME’s TITAN platform for its YouView-based service. “We needed to upgrade our current broadcast head end to allow us to expand our channel line-up, and looked at all the main encoding vendors,” said ATEME’s director of TV technology Brian Paxton. “After evaluating these options we selected ATEME as the impressive picture quality achieved by the new ATEME EAVC4 technology exceeded that of the other vendors.” The EAVC4 compression engine enables operators to optimise video content for specific screen sizes and available bandwidths. EAVC4 performs with speed improvements for all video quality (VQ) settings, and the ability either to encode faster at the current VQ level, or to increase VQ while maintaining the current encoding speed. The EAVC4 video encoding architecture exploits a combination of multi-processor and multi-core 64-bit architecture, and multi-threading from slice level up through macro block level, to achieve its efficiency gains. This has involved a complete redesign by ATEME, resulting in up to 20 percent bandwidth gains for progressive and interlaced content based on objective measures, and even higher gains based on visual

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