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T-VIPS solutions chosen for FMH-Nova digital switchover

9 June 2011

Greek digital satellite pay TV platform FMH-Nova has selected and installed T-VIPS solutions to distribute digital terrestrial programming wirelessly to four transmitter sites across the country. The existing analogue channels will go live as DTT transmissions at the end of this summer.

The installation – which is being handled by local T-VIPS business partner OmniWave – incorporates the T-VIPS TVG420 ASI to IP Video Gateway, CP511 SFN Adaptor and T-VIPS Connect management system.

The TVG420 enables MPEG2 signals to be transported wirelessly over IP networks to the transmitter sites at Aegina Island, Chortiatis, Himmitos and Philippio. The TVG420 also features Forward Error Correction for increased network robustness. Meanwhile, the CP511 SFN Adaptor allows operators to perform MIP insertion and ensure that timing is synchronised across all transmitters. By deploying a Single Frequency Network architecture, FMH-Nova can maximise frequency spectrum utilisation.

“We have chosen to work with T-VIPS on this project as its solutions offer us several great technology benefits over other solutions on the market,” said Andreas Kontis, broadcast centre & TX networks manager, FMH. “One unique feature of the TVG420 is its support for variable latency which ensures that the MPEG Transport Streams are fully synchronised, avoiding potentially serious issues at the DVB-T modulators. In addition to the technical benefits of its products, T-VIPS’ industry leading experience gained through its many DTT deployments makes the company and its solutions stand out from all other vendors. We are confident that we have selected products that are highly reliable and that provide us with the advanced functionality that we need.”

Johnny Dolvik, CEO of T-VIPS, added: “We are delighted to have been chosen to work on this project with FMH-Nova. We bring a high level of expertise to FMH-Nova’s DTT switchover given our vast experience in similar projects. The advanced time-lock SFN synchronisation technology that we have developed provides FMH-Nova with a robust solution that meets all of its needs. I look forward to working with our business partner OmniWave to ensure that FMH-Nova enjoys fault-free DVB-T SFN operation.”

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