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T-VIPS scores for Canal+

26 March 2007

T-VIPS solutions have been selected by Telenor to transport English F.A. Premier League football in HD from London to Sweden. Telenor is distributing the football action for Canal+ using T-VIPS’ TVG430 video gateways to subscribers in Scandinavia.

The Premier League football action arrives at a TVG430 situated in London as an HD SDI 1.5 Gigabit videostream. The TVG430 converts this to JPEG2000 and transports the video over a cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet link to another TVG430 situated at Canal+ in Stockholm. This TVG430 then converts the JPEG2000 video stream back to HD SDI for use in the Canal+ HD production centre.

“Our goal is to deliver the Canal+ subscribers in Scandinavia with the highest possible quality video and services. Telenor Satellite Broadcasting has already selected T-VIPS solutions for other video transport applications, so it was natural to talk to them to see if its JPEG2000 technology was suited for the transmission of HD content over Gigabit Ethernet. The T-VIPS solution enables us to avoid the cascading of MPEG encoders in the production chain, an important factor in maximising video quality. After evaluating the TVG430 we were confident that the T-VIPS solution would play an important part in the distribution of England’s F.A. Premier League for Canal+ HD subscribers in the Nordic region,” says Torkel Aamodt Thoresen, technical product manager, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting.

The T-VIPS TVG430 provides an ideal solution for transmission of HDTV feeds over Gigabit Ethernet links. Key features for Telenor and Canal+ include: high quality video, robust transmission of the HDTV signals, very low delay, redundancy and end-to-end quality of service.

“I’m certain that this announcement is the first of many major contracts following the inclusion of JPEG2000 technology in our portfolio of video distribution solutions,” says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. “The fact that such important content is being entrusted to the TVG430 shows that T-VIPS has ensured that the contribution & distribution of HDTV over IP is now a commercial reality. With this established, I believe that the many advantages of our approach will quickly make the backhaul of HDTV with JPEG2000 a standard industry practice.”

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