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T-VIPS aims at DI and d-cinema

14 October 2010

T-VIPS’ new TVG480 Digital Cinema Gateway aimed at viewing digital dailies in realtime at remote facilities or transmitting live events to digital cinemas, is now shipping.

The TVG480 gateway offers what the company claims is the industry’s highest quality JPEG2000-based IP video transport for HD and 3D content. It also claims it will help reduce production and operational costs by enabling new collaborative workflows in production and post, and takes advantage of readily available, affordable IP-based networks. During post production, the TVG480 enables directors to review and approve intermediates, collaborating in realtime with editors or colourists in remote locations, thus enhancing and improving the workflow.

“With a proven technical solution like the TVG480, and robust IP distribution networks, digital cinemas can now offer audiences the opportunity to experience alternative content such as live concerts, opera, and theatre in 3D and provide sports fans with a new dimension in sports entertainment – viewing world class events in 3D, on a big screen in a collective environment,” says a statement. It goes on to point out that delivering cutting edge 3D digital cinema experiences while recouping their investment in digital cinema installations offers a real commercial benefits for cinema owners.
Skywalker Sound is one of the first to deploy the TVG480 for projects requiring the realtime transmission of extremely high-quality video and audio for offsite reviews, approvals and collaboration.

Applications for the TVG480 include: Digital intermediate review and approval; studio-to-studio media exchange; in-house signal distribution and routing; live event 3D contribution and digital cinema live contribution. The gateway transports HD, 2K or stereoscopic 3D left-eye/right-eye signals over Gigabit Ethernet. The TVG480 also supports visually lossless compression for one or two HD channels, or mathematically lossless compression for one HD channel.
The TVG480 enables content producers and distributors to utilize IP and Ethernet technologies to deploy cost effective video transport solutions over Metro Ethernet, IP/MPLS or SONET/SDH networks. The TVG480 has built in Quality of Service functionality that combined with forward error correction, error concealment and integrated frame store on the receive side secures flawless operation from end-to-end, even in presence of IP impairments such as packet loss and jitter.

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