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T-Systems provides phone TV to Dubai

15 August 2007

T-Systems subsidiary, Media&Broadcast, has been commissioned by Tecom Investments to set up a DVB-H cell phone TV network for Dubai. During the test phase, which is scheduled to run until the end of 2007, users can receive 12 TV channels on their cell phones and mobile end-devices free of charge.

The media service provider set up the operational components ahead of time in Germany and then delivered them to be comprehensively tested in the Persian Gulf. The three broadcasting stations in the city of Dubai are able to use these components to reach around 600,000 inhabitants in a coverage area of 300km2. The plan is to expand the network at the beginning of 2008. This is the second successful turnkey project Media&Broadcast has undertaken in the Middle East following the launch of cell phone TV in Qatar in November 2006.

Media&Broadcast, together with Rohde&Schwarz, planned and set up the common frequency network within four months. In this type of network, all broadcasting stations use the same frequency for their transmissions. This increases transmission reliability and the coverage area. The signals from the central play-out station are transmitted via satellite. This will enable the system to be cost-efficiently expanded for country-wide coverage at a later date.

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