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Télé Bruxelles builds new look on Chyron’s Channel Box²

15 January 2013
Télé Bruxelles builds new look on Chyron’s Channel Box²

Belgium’s Télé Bruxelles is using Chyron’s Channel Box² channel branding system to bring rich branding and graphical elements into live productions. The Brussels-based broadcaster initially deployed the Channel Box² to enhance its October 2012 coverage of municipal elections. As it completes a new graphics package for daily newscasts, Télé Bruxelles will leverage the Chyron system to incorporate dynamic presentations into its live news productions. "Chyron’s Channel Box² is enabling us to revitalise our newscasts with fresh, dynamic graphic elements," said Fabian Schewebach, project manager and audiovisual technician at Télé Bruxelles. "Using it to integrate RSS feeds, touch screen and iPad control, and social media feeds into our live newscasts, we will be able to offer our viewers a far more engaging and sophisticated news product. Despite the many different ways in which it allows graphics to interact, the system itself is easy to operate." The Chyron system enables users to generate stunning 3D animations and play them to air in realtime. All animations created in Lyric PRO, including rotating 3D objects with live data, are instantly available in Channel Box², giving productions a high-quality graphical look without requiring any pre-rendering. With Channel Box², Télé Bruxelles staff will be able to automate credit squeezes; produce promos live to air; and dynamically update text, images, and movie files. Built on Chyron’s Lyric technology, Channel Box² enables users to access any data — RSS feeds, traffic, financial, weather, elections, tickers, promos, snipes, social media, and more — and publish it to air anywhere and anytime. Channel Box² software also features SHOUT, Chyron’s social media editor, a software-based solution that enables the operator to monitor and pull incoming tweets or Facebook posts from any feed and quickly display them on air. "Channel Box² gives broadcasters a straightforward yet powerful solution for incorporating engaging and informative graphic elements into special event coverage as well as daily newscasts," said Lou Garvin, product manager at Chyron. "By putting the best of today’s social media tools and popular control surfaces into the hands of producers and on-air talent, Channel Box² also can add greater sophistication and interest to live news programmes."

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