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SynthIA addresses 2D-to-3D conversion

10 September 2012
SynthIA addresses 2D-to-3D conversion

SynthIA, a new tool that enables the interaxial distance between the two camera positions of a stereoscopic 3D clip to be altered in post production, has made its debut on the Quantel stand.

Stereo D in California, which is Deluxe’s 2D-to-3D conversion business, is already using the new technology for converting archival titles for re-release in 3D.

This means that many S3D shots that previously would have had to be discarded as unusable can be saved, according to Quantel. In the company’s analysis, the biggest problem in S3D is often over-wide camera spacing, which can result in too large a z-axis depth range to be comfortably accommodated by the viewer. SynthIA enables two new stereo frames to be synthesised from the originals, as if had been shot with a reduced interaxial distance in the first place.

According to Quantel, SynthIA is also being developed so that it will be able to affect foreground and background objects within a shot differently.

During IBC2012, Quantel’s demonstrations also include new features for QTube and Enterprise sQ. The company has also announced a strategic partnership with Marquis Broadcast.

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