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Synclie app launches for MENA second screen

4 March 2014
Synclie app launches for MENA second screen

Choueiri Group’s Digital Media Services (DMS) and SynkOnAir have launched Synclie, a new second screen app for TV viewers, brands and broadcasters in the MENA region.

Synclie allows viewers to auto-sync with TV shows and adverts, pull cast details, video and music from a show or episode, access celebrity news, trivia, Twitter, related web pages, products and merchandise, and share information on social media sites. Users will be rewarded with coupons, offers and social currency that can be exchanged for goods and services. Synclie is available in English and Arabic, on devices including iOS and Android.

Michel Malkoun, DMS’ MD, commented: “It doesn’t matter which channel a viewer is surfing, or which favourite show they are tuned in to; with Synclie’s Smart Sync Technology, TV viewers will get an enhanced, rich experience directly related to the content they are watching, as they’re watching it. They even get rewarded for it – with only the press of a Sync it button. We’re certain that Synclie will become the region’s favourite TV companion app.”

Synclie applies automatic listening logic to TV content recognition, pulls and pushes contextual and actionable content and ad serving through social persona targeting and natural language processing patented AJ technologies. This allows brands to launch targeted campaigns.

Moe Shanti, AJ and SynkOnAir’s CEO and Laurent Mairet SynkOnAir’s COO commented: “We believe that this will not only fundamentally enrich viewers’ user experience, but also has the potential to change the industry landscape, because brands can now push relevant, actionable content and campaigns and get their true ROI on the spot, via AJ’s cloud platform that powers the app- SocioTactics!”

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