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Sylicone employs da Vinci for DI

29 December 2006

One of France’s leading post facilities, Sylicone, has integrated a da Vinci 2K Plus colour enhancement system into its new DI theatre. In addition to DI work, Sylicone will continue utilising the machine for realtime SD and HD colour grading of television shows, documentaries, and commercial projects.

“The 2K Plus is the perfect complement to our new DI theatre,” said Jean Delduc, Sylicone operations manager, who is responsible for HD post production. “It offers the full set of da Vinci colour correction tools with the flexibility to work seamlessly within a realtime, nonlinear DI environment.”

The 2K Plus in the new theatre is configured to interface with a JVC HD video projector, using a Doremi HD SDI/DVI-D interface and a PRONTO digital disk recorder as a source device to enable a nonlinear DI workflow. Images are projected at 16:9, giving colourists a true visualisation of how they will appear in an HD deliverable. Colourists have access to all the standard tools of the 2K Plus, along with the option of PowerTiers and a Defocus window for increased creativity and flexibility.

The 2K’s PowerTier function provides independent image-processing channels for primary and secondary colour isolation, affording Sylicone colourists the ability to extend the range of colour isolations beyond a standard system. The Defocus Plus window allows the colourists to independently soften or sharpen images, providing more precise, detailed images and a great deal of artistic control.

“Sylicone has taken a very smart and pragmatic approach to creating a DI workflow around the 2K Plus,” said Bill Robertson, general manager at da Vinci. “The installation demonstrates the flexibility of the 2K by meeting the varied demands of a modern post facility and being able to build up a DI workflow that efficiently handles any kind of project.”

Sylicone uses the 2K Plus primarily for tape-to-tape SD and HD colour enhancement of television and documentary programming, including the television series ‘Ushuaϊa Nature’ hosted by renowned naturalist Nicolas Hulot and broadcast in HD on French television channel TF1.

Sylicone’s DI theatre is located in the newly established Sylicone XV facility, located in Paris. The company has two other Paris locations, Sylicone Bastille and Sylicone Captain Video.

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