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SWR Mainz gains KSC Commander and KSC Pilot

29 August 2012
SWR Mainz gains KSC Commander and KSC Pilot

Revamping the production technology for Studio D at SWR Mainz included the extension of the master controller with another KSC Commander as well as a KSC Pilot Client component. The KSC system from BFE enables the control and monitoring of equipment and components from different manufacturers within large-scale and complex broadcast infrastructures. The combination of discrete and embedded audio channel management was accomplished in conjunction with the expansion of the central audio router with a new generation of routers. Through a combination of timeline controller and label transfer with channel number completion, simple switching operations and label transmissions are possible via several routers including video and audio mixers. With the aid of the Snell Deembedder parameter control, it is also possible to carry out simple audio channel selections with the KSC controllers from BFE. As an additional component for the revamping of Studio D, the loading of existing multi-viewer layouts and the transfer of tally messages and label displays has been implemented for the new Harris multiviewer as well. The camera control can be used to assign single button measurements of the existing Remote Control Panels (RCPs) to the two measuring monitors via a key assignment procedure. The KSC Pilot client is used to save and load production-specific salvos for the assignments of the multiviewer and the video and audio mixers in the form of tabular or graphic events.


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