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Swedish post house upgrades its Quantel Pablo operation

28 April 2011

Mekaniken has upgraded its Quantel Pablo to 2K and Stereo3D operation, and boosted its workflow with the addition of the new Pablo PA software assist. Founded in the 1990s, the Stockholm-based company is one of Sweden’s leading post houses.

Work currently going through Mekaniken’s Pablo includes a 10 x 45 minute episodic drama for Swedish broadcaster SVT, entitled The Bridge, and two movies destined for festivals. Also recently completed is a series of commercials for the Swedish Debt Office on the theme ‘bad losers’, which required creative treatment to lend them a retro-VHS/1980s look.

Henrik Cednert, Mekaniken CTO, commented: “Digital acquisition has really opened up the film market for us and expanded cooperation with our sister company Filmlance – one of Sweden’s largest independent production companies. This makes it a perfect time to upgrade our hard-working Pablo to full 2K DI and market ourselves more aggressively into the film business. Pablo’s versatility and full finishing toolset alongside its great colour tools makes it a perfect platform to take us further into the film market.”

After beta-testing Pablo PA soon after it was announced, Mekaniken has been quick to adopt Quantel’s new conform, prep and assist station.

“Pablo PA is a brilliant addition to our workflow – in fact it we actually base our whole workflow around it, freeing up a lot of time in the main Pablo suite,” said Cednert. “We do all the conforms on Pablo PA and sort out any issues before moving over to Pablo for grading and finishing. In some cases we’ll also do a technical grade on Pablo PA and also use it for fine-tuning masks etc – taking the load of the main suite so it can concentrate 100% on creative work. It’s a great product and we love it!”

As yet, there is not a great demand for Stereo3D post in Sweden, but Mekaniken wants to be ready as the market develops.

“This time round we believe Stereo3D is here to stay – maybe not exactly as we know it today but with the focus more on using it as a tool to enhance storytelling,” said Cednert.

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