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SVoD-only homes on the up

3 October 2016
SVoD-only homes on the up

The proportion of households cancelling traditional TV services in favour of exclusive SVoD use is on the rise, according to the latest Ampere Analysis research.

Ampere’s report shows that the US is the largest market, with 10.4 per cent of the country using SVoD services exclusively.

Denmark is a close second with ten per cent, whilst Germany currently has the fastest-growing market.

The UK, perhaps surprisingly, has a low count of SVoD-only homes.

“SVoD-only homes are a growing and significant market segment across all markets, but perhaps more interesting is the growth in the bundling of multiple SVOD services by consumers,” said Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis.

“These DIY next-generation TV bundles look set to be a key driver for subscription TV in the coming years and an area that operators must embrace in order to remain competitive.”

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