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Support for new cameras and formats in SCRATCH software

29 January 2013
Support for new cameras and formats in SCRATCH software

Following its November 2012 delivery of version 7, ASSIMILATE has expanded the SCRATCH arsenal. The new SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab update releases feature a new ASSIMILATE custom ARRI fast debayer method – built for speed while still preserving colour accuracy. The new fast debayer option is set as a default option when loading new ARRIRAW media. “ASSIMILATE has again taken the lead when it comes to support for the latest camera technology”, said London-based DIT Joe Steel (Prometheus, 47 Ronin). “F55, F5 and C500 are already testing for several major projects and it’s crucial for me to be able to support whichever cameras the director and DP want to shoot. With SCRATCH Lab, I never have to worry. Once a new camera is introduced, ASSIMILATE is right there to support it. Working with SCRATCH Lab gives me an incredible amount of performance and flexibility at an amazing price.” “SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab are well known for delivering the industry’s best price performance to on-set professionals and post production artists”, commented Steve Bannerman, VP of marketing at ASSIMILATE. “This new update release demonstrates our commitment to listening to our customers and responding quickly- not only with the latest camera support, but with unique tools like our custom ARRI fast Debayer method. We’re dedicated to shipping new features throughout the year, as they’re ready, rather than holding them for monolithic releases. We believe this strategy maximises both the productivity and creativity of our artists.”

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