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Successful first IBC presence

9 September 2012
Successful first IBC presence

Toshiba’s first time at IBC has been very positive so far, with visitors expressing interest in the power-saving, speed and bandwidth benefits of solid state.  “We’re showing how solid-state devices can replace hard-drives”, said Rob Belle-Isle, director of marketing and engineering for new media. “The new products were made for the Asian market and we wanted to make sure we were price-competitive, which we are.” He explained that for the first time ever, Toshiba is showing solid-state pushing out directly to IP without any CPU buffering. “This has been tremendous because we’re finally hitting Europe and that’s a whole new market for us,” he concluded. “It’s very interesting for the European market to understand that solid-state isn’t as expensive as they thought it was, when you turn it into a solution like we have.” Alongside solid-state streaming for the IPTV and the OTT market and solid-state playout video servers for the broadcast market, Toshiba is also demonstrating its air-cooled and liquid-cooled transmitters on its stand.9.B12

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