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Subtitled streams get Swift monitoring

28 August 2012
Subtitled streams get Swift monitoring

Softel has revealed Swift Subtitle Monitor, a new multi-channel subtitle monitoring software that allows the realtime checking of subtitle match and alignment to the video. Swift Subtitle Monitor offers ‘at a glance’ monitoring and has been designed to allow the configuration of personalised display line-ups for over 25 subtitled video streams. Swift Subtitle Monitor enables users to quickly check that subtitles are present in the video stream, in all scheduled languages, and that they are correctly matched and align to the video. “Softel is well placed to deliver the technological advances that today’s complex workflows require”, said Sam Pemberton, Softel’s CEO. “Our customers include the most prestigious global broadcasters around the world, and our team of experienced engineers works closely with them to develop the subtitle solutions for next generation workflows, where multi-channel subtitles and captions are delivered over multiple platforms and in many languages.”

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