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Studio, OB and PoV cameras launched

10 September 2012
Studio, OB and PoV cameras launched

Ikegami has a new range of Unicam HD dockable cameras offering good value for studio and EFP use. The HDK-55 is its 1080i model, the HDK-97A is 3G capable for 1080/50p, while the 97AP adds 24p. All three use three AIT CCDs, but there is also the HDK-97C with three CMOS sensors. There is also a new control panel, the OCP100, with variable colour temperature and gamma curves (depending on the camera you use it with). One of the first buyers is SIS Live, which bought several 97A studio cameras for a UK racing channel. As a special IBC promotion, Ikegami has an HDK-55 with BSF-55 fibre base station for under €30,000, “making it a very cost-effective studio or OB camera system”, said Mark Capstick, general manager, Ikegami Electronics UK. The cameras can be fitted with analogue or digital triax, wireless, or fibre backs, or put in a system expander for large viewfinder/lens support. There is also a full studio version, the HDK-970A. Also new: the HDL-45E compact box camera, with three AIT CCDs, one of which has just been bought by ITV for its sign language studio; and a tiny new three-CMOS sensor camera head, the MKC-310HD, which takes C-mount lenses, weighs less than 100g and costs about €6,000 including CCU. – David Fox11.A31

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