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Strong growth for PlayBox

21 December 2010
Strong growth for PlayBox

Adding to the increasing number of companies reporting good financials for 2010, PlayBox Technology has reported 25% growth and now powers 9500 channels.

Vassil Lefterov, CEO Playbox Technology (pictured) commented: “We are really proud of this year’s growth. Not only does it follow previous years of excellent performance, but it also comes at a challenging time for the industry, where many are seeing figures heading in the opposite direction. The company is in the best shape ever.”
Sales of new products are highlighted as making a considerable contribution to the 2010 figures. Lefterov picking the EdgeBox remote playout product for special mention. “This attracts the confidence of many high-profile customers, who are looking to optimise the running costs of their remote operations.”
Lefterov attributes much of the company’s continued success to its core technology. “To build successfully you have to have a rock-solid foundation. Our unrivalled core technology is exactly that. It was designed from the start to be very flexible, to work with any file format and be the heart of tapeless playout workflows. I think customers are now understanding the power of what we can do – and at a very low ‘IT’ price.”

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