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StreamQuik + Matrox ENG truck in a case

3 September 2011
StreamQuik + Matrox ENG truck in a case

A new, simple ENG system that combines a scan converter and live video streaming has been launched by Matrox Video Products Group and StreamQuik, writes David Fox.

StreamQuik’s StreamCell is a portable, simple-to-use "TV truck in a case" that allows users to stream live video and audio from the field to TV, the web, and mobile devices without needing a laptop, software, or complicated menu systems. It requires just two modems to stream live (one in a 4G area) – it can also stream via broadband or satellite links.

Live video is automatically sent to StreamCell’s Box-to-Browser live web video player that can be placed on any website in minutes.

Adding the €1,299 Matrox Convert DVI scan converter eliminates the need for a broadcaster to host and maintain a server and open network firewall ports by scan converting the live web video output directly from the Box-to-Browser player.

The broadcaster can capture, air, and share StreamCell content using a simple internet connection and a browser.

"Matrox produces a simple-to-use scan converter that makes implementing a StreamCell live video streaming workflow a snap for broadcasters who want an ultra-simple, easy-to-maintain solution," said Ken Lee, president and co-founder of StreamQuik.

"Broadcasters are always looking for ways to be first to air and on the web with live content, and at the same time, to reduce the cost of news gathering," added Charles Amyot, Matrox product manager.

"By connecting a pair of cellular data modems and a video camera to the StreamCell case, a station can broadcast live video and audio from anywhere with a crew of one in the field. Matrox Convert DVI Plus then converts the internet video from StreamCell’s Box-to-Browser live web video player to HD-SDI for broadcast."


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