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StreamboxME Pro targets newsgathering

14 June 2012
StreamboxME Pro targets newsgathering

Streambox has released StreamboxME Pro, an application for mobile devices that can bond 3G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi, all of which gives the user increased bandwidth up to 2Mbps to send live, professional quality video.

The StreamboxME Pro App equips contributors by using just one-click from an iPhone/iPad to send video directly to a Streambox Decoder or Enterprise Server, as well as having the ability to use the Streambox Live Service. The increased bandwidth capabilities give users the ability to send up to 2Mbps professional quality video content with sub 2-second latency at 30fps, 16:9 aspect ratio, 432×240 resolution, and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). StreamboxME Pro will also include Streambox-exclusive Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) technology, which is a reliable protocol that helps users deliver high quality, low latency video over multiple IP networks.

“StreamboxME Pro for iPhone/iPad streams professional quality video by utilising bonded 3G/4G LTE and Wi-Fi networks to provide a more reliable and complete newsgathering solution for live, files, and IFB from the mobile devices reporters use in everyday life,” said Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox. “This is a cost-effective way for broadcasters to equip entire newsrooms with software encoders on iPhones and iPads to capture high quality video for live playout of breaking news on-air.”

StreamboxME Pro also allows users to efficiently collect unlimited amounts of video that can be supplied by a variety of contributors including video journalists, stringers, and even provides the necessary infrastructure to turn viewers into contributors for a low cost. Live streams and archived video can be easily managed, routed in one click, or searched based on metadata. StreamboxME Pro will be available for download at the iTunes Store on iPhone and iPad devices.

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