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Streambox offers HD newsgathering and streaming tool

17 May 2012
Streambox offers HD newsgathering and streaming tool

Streambox has released a new software encoder ideal for HD mobile newsgathering over public internet, 3G/4G LTE, BGAN, and Wi-Fi connections. The easy-to-use Automated Hybrid HD/SD Software Encoder raises the bar for mobile newsgathering with Low Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) protocol, automated one-click streaming, and Apple Thunderbolt technology with support for Black Magic and Matrox. These advanced features give users the ability to deliver high quality video from the field as a part of Streambox integrated end-to-end solution. The new software will support Full 1080i and 720p, as well as 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio selection for the source video. Low-Delay Multi-Path (LDMP) protocol allows the Automated Hybrid HD/SD Software Encoder to achieve one-second latency over congested IP networks without compromising video transmission quality. By using all available network paths including: LAN, Wi-Fi, BGAN, 3G/4G LTE, and DSL, the software encoder is able to send professional quality HD video based on bandwidth, latency, or resolution. LDMP protocol also features realtime dynamic video and network adjustment without having to begin new encoding session. Automated one-click streaming highlights four primary modes: low delay, interview/talking head, high motion/action, and reliable video delivery. These four modes allow non-technical users to easily operate the software in the field and contain over 700 presets selected in the background. Once a primary mode is selected, an automatic test of network bandwidth and latency is performed, as well as automatic selection of HD or SD video resolution depending on available bandwidth and network conditions. “This next generation video technology offers a powerful solution to reliably transmit high quality HD video over all available network paths from a laptop. For example, DVIDS was recently able to broadcast live HD video of President Obama’s speech from a remote area in Afghanistan by taking advantage of this easy to use software in a region with less than ideal connectivity,” said Bob Hildeman, chairman and CEO of Streambox. “Now with automated one-click streaming, reporters and stringers can easily send HD broadcast quality video from the field with the touch of a button, even if they are not technically trained.  The new HD/SD Automated Hybrid Software Encoder can be purchased in the Streambox Store and is compatible with the entire line of Streambox products and can be fully integrated with any mobile broadcasting workflow for both live and file-based acquisition. The software encoder’s mobility will allow users to leverage multiple bonded IP connections to maximise bandwidth while maintaining low latency. By using Streambox-exclusive LDMP reliable protocol, the technology allows reliable transmission over lower cost public networks at low data rates without using bandwidth-consuming Forward Error Correction (FEC), ensuring high quality video transmission.

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