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Strategic alliance for Hitachi & Gearhouse

7 September 2012
Strategic alliance for Hitachi & Gearhouse

Hitachi has signed a strategic sales and market development agreement with international broadcast rental, systems integration, and OB company Gearhouse Broadcast. It will now have prime distribution rights to Hitachi broadcast cameras in many markets, as well as offering an extensive rental fleet.

“We are determined to become regarded as the leading supplier of 3G and future camera technologies,” said Masahiko Kato, general manager, Global Business Division of Hitachi Kokusai Electric. “New ventures, such as our relationship with Gearhouse Broadcast are fundamental to support our growing presence in world broadcasting.”

Gearhouse has been one of Europe’s biggest and longest-standing users of Sony cameras, but Gearhouse has now added Hitachi cameras to its rental fleet and has used them on numerous major sports projects for some time.

“We are tremendously impressed by their build quality and technical sophistication,” said Eamonn Dowdall, business development director at Gravity Media Group, Gearhouse’s parent company.

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