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Stealthy stabilisation from VariZoom

17 September 2013
Stealthy stabilisation from VariZoom

VariZoom introduced a versatile 5-in-1 support “that is like a Swiss Army knife for video”, according to VariZoom president Tom McKay. The $330 device is a fully-gimbalised stabiliser, as well as a three-point shooter (where a drop-down arm can be used against your chest for extra stability), and can be quickly switched between modes.

It has a built-in short monopod, but can be converted to a long monopod (about 2m) with an optional accessory. There is also a straightforward hand-held mode.

It can also be set down on a flat surface, “something that can’t be done with the most popular stabilisers”, he said, with both the hand-held and three-point modes self supporting. It carries up to about 2kg (a Canon 5D), with an additional weight for balance, but as standard it is ideally limited to about 1kg. When not in use, it can be comfortably hung on your hip using its belt mount. “It’s just so darn convenient,” he added.

VariZoom has also introduced its $600 DV MediaRig for the first time in Europe. The fully supported (shoulder and movable belt-mounted monopod) rig can carry 9kg, and is designed for DSLR and compact camera use.

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