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SSL to simplify DAW environments

18 October 2007

Solid State Logic launched Pro-Convert, a translation application for moving sessions from one DAW environment to another, at the recent AES Convention in New York. The app has been developed over the past seven years by Cui Bono Soft, which was acquired by SSL in a deal concluded a few days before the show, writes Andy Stout.

Pro-Convert enables workstation users to convert session files from one format to another and can handle many commonly used formats including the latest versions from: ProTools, Soundscape, Cubase/Nuendo, Vegas, Sonic Studio, SADiE, Final Cut Pro, Audition, OMF, AES31, Sequoia, Open TL and Tascam BU.

“The Cui Bono guys had a vision of levelling the DAW playing field that we want to pick up and run with,” explains Antony David, SSL’s Managing Director. “Pro-Convert frees up the creators of music to use the workstation of their choice and liberates them from concerns about compatibility.”

Pro-Convert represents a version up from Cui Bono’s V4.0 software and brings the application fully up to date with the latest versions of popular DAW formats. SSL is committed to supporting the existing user base and to maintaining and developing the application, which will be available from SSL’s webshop in due course.

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