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SSL introduces new playout system, console software

11 September 2011
SSL introduces new playout system, console software

The C-Play Audio Playout System for C100 HDS and C10 HD digital broadcast consoles is one component of SSL’s IBC showcase, writes David Davies.

Embedding a fully featured dual player spot and music playout system into its digital broadcast console range, the C-Play system joins SSL’s range of integrated Production Assistant features that include Dialogue Automix, 5.1 Upmix, DAW Control and Production Automation interfacing It is now available as part of the C100 HDS V4 and C10 HD V3 software upgrade release.

C-Play – a dual player system with one 5.1 player and one stereo player – offers the broadcaster fully featured playout functionality with the ergonomic and workflow advantages of an embedded system, with console hardware control and the facility for all playout settings to be recalled as part of a console project.

Niall Feldman, director of new products for Solid State Logic, commented: “SSL continues to define the way forward for broadcast audio production by providing innovative features embedded into its digital broadcast consoles. C-Play directly helps broadcasters streamline operations, saving time and eliminating the need for a dedicated playout system.”

SSL is also showcasing other features of the aforementioned new V3 software release for the C10 HD. Alongside C-Play, there is integration with Mosart Medialab Newscast Automation, full duplex connectivity with Riedel RockNet audio networks, and Loop Redundancy Mode for the SSL MORSE Stagebox and Alpha-Link Live-R MADI I/O. Many of the same features also apply to the new V4 software for the C100 HDS.

“As broadcasters across the world are implementing systems to enhance and streamline the production process to meet budget considerations, SSL is responding with its new V4 software package for the C100,” said Niall Feldman, director of new products for Solid State Logic. “V4 delivers exceptional power to the broadcast facility with enhanced integration with third-party broadcast systems and though our unique ‘Production Assistant’ tools, which integrate, streamline and automate key broadcast tasks.”

Meanwhile, in other news, the company has announced the sale of four C100 HDS consoles for new HD OB vehicles in France. Three of the console systems will go to GTHP (Groupement Technique des Hipodromes Parisiens) for new HD OB vehicles, while the fourth will be installed in the new Euro Media France XL1 HD OB van.

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