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Sports take control on Saturday

20 July 2010
Sports take control on Saturday

Cross-cutting the Content Creation & Innovation and Business of Broadcasting streams, Saturday at the conference takes a good long look at the current state-of-the-art of sports broadcasting. Two sessions look at the two highest profile events on the global sporting calendar, namely the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

The Olympic keynote session will touch on issues including the potential of 3D stereo coverage of Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, not to mention all the action in between. Attention will be given to distribution on mobile phones and other IP connected devices which is likely to be very prominent at London 2012.

Then, of course, there’s the World Cup. Peter Angell, HBS’ Director, Production and Programming Division was tasked with overseeing this ambitious project and will present to the IBC audience his experience of the challenges in the build up to the tournament as well as issues – good and bad- which arose during the live event.

There is also an examination of the implications of IPTV for sports broadcasting, plus a look at some of the pioneering work done covering NASCAR motor racing in the USA.

The Conference Programme has the full details., but book your seats early. Like the events they talk about, they’re likely to sell out well in advance.

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