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Sports & IT Workflow 2010 events planned

19 July 2010
Sports & IT Workflow 2010 events planned

Preparation is underway for TVBEurope’s conference ‘autumn schedule’; Sports Broadcast Europe on October 28 and The IT Broadcast Workflow on November 30, writes Fergal Ringrose.

Both events will be held at BAFTA in London, also the venue for our hugely successful 3D Masters 2010 conference which took place on June 22.

Sports Broadcast Europe will certainly feature a significant amount of 3D footage and discussion also, as 3D production has leapt so dramatically to the fore recently thanks to its rapid adoption by broadcasters around the World and by HBS for much of World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Sports Broadcast Europe is a one day event of high end case studies where European sports operations chiefs talk to their peers about how the events were produced, how technology and logistics were deployed, and what technical innovations were made to enhance the coverage.

A driving dynamic of sports TV coverage is the need to innovate; the viewer quickly gets used to super slo mos, ever more amazing camera angles, virtual 3D graphics etc., and the pressure is on sports broadcasters to introduce new technologies and techniques in an effort to be competitive and retain eyeballs.

The IT Broadcast Workflow is a totally unique day of real broadcaster case studies from around Europe. You will learn from ten broadcasting organisations how they have digitised workflows while reducing operational costs. How did they remove cost from the mechanics of producing and delivering television?

Why is there still such a divide between broadcast business systems and ‘production’ systems? Do broadcasters and vendors put too tight a frame around what is considered to be a ‘broadcast workflow’? Why do broadcast organisations still consider themselves ‘different and special’ when it comes to the implementation of IT-based systems? Is there an end in sight to the trend for broadcasters to write significant amounts of their own software – are the vendors ‘serving’ them not sufficiently addressing their specific needs?

The IT Broadcast Workflow is not a theoretical day; it is a hands-on conference, a packed day of dedicated end-user case studies on the migration of television broadcasting production and technology from videotape to IT platforms.

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