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Sport TV chooses NeuLion for Sochi streaming

14 February 2014
Sport TV chooses NeuLion for Sochi streaming

The TV Everywhere Platform from NeuLion has been selected by Portugal’s Sport TV network to power live streaming of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Sport TV will use NeuLion’s Sport TV Multiscreen service to provide its premium package subscribers with access to live Olympic action on multiple devices. The platform is also being used by China’s CNTV.
“The vast experience of NeuLion was indispensable when choosing a digital technology partner last year” said Nuno Ferreira, director of programming at Sport TV. “We wanted to go with a leader in live digital delivery of our sports channels and NeuLion’s experience made us feel confident with our decision. Sport TV has always placed a heavy emphasis on high quality delivery to our subscribers and our partnership with NeuLion ensures we remain at the forefront.”

Each of NeuLion’s services will offer users an interactive digital experience for the Olympics, including linear channel broadcasts, realtime live events, enhanced DVR and playback controls, and highlights and stats, on PC, mobile and tablet devices.

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity to showcase our leading TV Everywhere Platform to a worldwide audience working with our partners in China and Portugal,” said Chris Wagner, EVP and co-founder of NeuLion. “The sheer size and potential to continue to expand new digital services around the world is enormous.”

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