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Sport graphics and more from ChyronHego

27 August 2013
Sport graphics and more from ChyronHego

ChyronHego will be showing a full lineup of technologies at IBC2013 including its BlueNet graphics creation and playout system, which uses the company’s graphics tools for ordering and graphics asset management, collaborative graphics creation, and realtime playout.

It also integrates with Axis World Graphics, ChyronHego’s cloud-based service. 

Another featured technology at IBC is the LyricPRO 8.6 graphics creation software, with design features and support for Windows 7 64-bit playout, native support for stereoscopic 3D, scriptless transitions, and touchscreen-enabled graphics. Lyric PRO software can be used with ChyronHego’s line of realtime CGs and BlueNet-enabled graphics servers.

The company is also showing its newest line of CG and server products including the entry-level Graffiti SDI, portable Graffiti SDI Flex, and high performance Mosaic line. 

Also on the IBC stand is the TRACAB image tracking system that uses image-processing technology to identify the position of all moving objects in a sports arena in realtime. The outcome of the analysis is a data feed with X, Y and Z coordinates for all objects. Data can be streamed to various visualisation platforms such as broadcast graphics and second screens, and can be used to prepare performance statistics. The system is based on stereo vision technology and features two small multi-camera units.

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