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Spirit of the depths

11 September 2012
Spirit of the depths

Making its debut at IBC is Spirit, an innovative robotic motion control underwater dolly created by Deep Vision. It is able to store positions, velocity, acceleration and deceleration using a motion-memory digital remote, rather than depending on a manual operator. The system is based around a watertight lens turret that is capable of 350° pan and tilt, with a rotational speed of over 300°. The camera head delivers signal embedded HD-SDI video at 1080 i/p. Creator Alain Souffi from Deep Vision, part of collaborative group All Dimensions, described the system as the first of its kind. The robotic control, housing and camera mechanics enabling remote filming along a track that can run not just underwater, but in mud or sand as well as sterile or hostile environments. – Michael Burns 8.B30g

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