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Spectrum kicks off Conference

12 September 2013
Spectrum kicks off Conference

An 8am starting time on Day One of IBC’s conference sessions might not be a time when the organisers expect a full room, but ‘Improving Spectral Efficiency’ certainly drew a crowd. Their ‘early bird’ reward was a paper that showed how significant savings could be made in digital transmission.

Eric Stare, senior R&D engineer from Teracom, Sweden, outlined for delegates the potential gains that can be made by maximising spectral efficiency. Stare compared and contrasted various digital transmission methods available to network planners.

Teracom showed a variety of propagation models, including those based on Time Frequency Slicing and Multiple Frequency Re-Use patterns each of which showed benefits, but by using a combination of these techniques, plus mixed polarisation as well as employing some subtle and highly innovative variations on the cellular-type grid layout, Stare said that potential improvements of up to 50% could be achieved.

The panel, chaired by Colonel Dr Natee Sukonrat, vice chairman of Thailand’s National Broadcasting & Telecommunications Commission, also heard papers from Phil Brown, Arqiva’s principal spectrum engineer, and Mark Wadell, the BBC R&D’s lead research engineer.

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