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Spanish election coverage with Brainstorm Multimedia graphics

30 June 2011

Spanish broadcasters Antena 3 and Canal 9 used sophisticated graphics designed by Brainstorm Multimedia’s Production Services Department to illustrate turnout, trends and results. Specialised software was employed to invoke maps, domino effects, pie charts and more.

For Antena 3 in Madrid, Brainstorm’s team developed a graphics suite allowing the combination of physical studio with virtual studio and associated graphics. Canal 9 in Valencia also made use of Brainstorm’s enhanced reality skills, including virtual sets, 3D graphics and touch-screen graphics.

The Spanish election projects underline Brainstorm’s continued association with election night broadcasting. In the UK, for example, the company’s Production Services Department has a multi-year contract to provide a variety of graphical elements.

Brainstorm CEO Ricardo Montesa commented: “We are often chosen because our software makes it very easy to identify a developing story and respond almost instantly with graphics to illustrate it. We have applied years of experience to provide the most trusted, advanced real-time graphics software available and, as a result, broadcasters worldwide depend on Brainstorm speed and reliability for important, high profile programmes such as local and national elections.”

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