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Space Season in lift-off with Prime Focus

19 March 2014
Space Season in lift-off with Prime Focus

Prime Focus was selected by Arrow Media to complete post work on two documentaries for Channel 4’s Live From Space Season. Prime Focus’s finishing team also post produced multiple VTs for live transmissions from National Geographic and Channel 4.

The interactive TV event featured astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata conducting a tour of the earth-orbiting International Space Station (ISS), showcasing experiments from the floating laboratory.

“The ISS is an incredible example of humans working together,” said head of specialist factual at Channel 4, David Glover. “To have been granted this access by NASA to the ISS and Mission Control is a true British TV first. We hope to show what life on board is really like, what happens when things go wrong and then finally giving viewers a live lap of planet Earth.”

Tim Waller graded the VTs and documentaries in Baselight. He commented: “I came to work at Prime Focus for the level of quality work that comes through the doors so it is utterly thrilling to work on such an outstanding programme. When I graded Moon I was challenged with stylising an out of this world environment and now I am actually grading real life space footage.”


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