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Sound Devices makes additions in latest update

6 November 2013
Sound Devices makes additions in latest update

Sound Devices has added significant features to its Version 2.00 of its flagship 664 Production Mixer. It unlocks six additional line-level inputs and the 664 now offers 12 analogue inputs and 16-track recording without requiring the CL-6 Input Controller.

Sound Devices 664 features six preamps that accept mic- or line-level signals and include analogue peak limiters, high-pass filters, and input trim control. Version 2.00 firmware provides access to six additional, menu-controlled, line-level inputs for a total of 12 inputs. Firmware revision 2.00 brings additional LCD metering modes to support the expanded input capability. Three menu-set metering modes are selectable from the front panel meter button. Meter modes offer combinations of input and output levels.

The 664 records 16-track monophonic or polyphonic broadcast WAV files or stereo MP3 files to SD and/or CompactFlash cards. All inputs and outputs are individually selectable for recording, and feature up to three seconds of record pre-roll. With its dual card slots, the 664 can record content to either or both cards simultaneously, with the ability to assign different tracks to each memory card.

The 664 features “LCD Daylight Display” mode, which incorporates a daylight-specific colour scheme and solid-bar metering option for improved readability in direct sunlight. It also includes an Ambient-based timecode generator/reader for multi-camera and double-system sound applications.

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