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Sony’s 3D prototype camcorder

11 September 2010
Sony’s 3D prototype camcorder

Sony is showing a prototype of a 3D shoulder-mounted camcorder on its stand although the design is very much a work in progress.

Sony’s Head of AV Media Olivier Bovis explained that the product was unveiled“to show our thinking and to gain feedback about the direction we should take in design”.

Currently the prototype is based on half-inch CMOS sensors recording to SxS media but Bovis stressed that “nothing at all has been decided at this point although we won’t go below half-inch. Key discussions about the design revolve around how much will be mechanical or electronic and what parameters of lens adjustment we need to build in.”

Bovis also revealed that Sony is looking to build a portable solid-state recorder capable of capturing 3D images for high-end feature film and high end documentaries.

“We are in exploration mode on a number of different 3D production technologies and a recorder is something we are working on,” Bovis affirmed. “The platform to base this on is the SR memory pack which has the staggering capability to record two 4k streams uncompressed at the same time. The device we put around it to capture the material is something we are looking at.”

He also confirmed that Sony was continuing to develop a 3D single lens camera capable of capturing 240fps.

“The technology is currently very limited in terms of the range of image it can capture, but this remains an R&D project,” Bovis said.

The new conversion software for the MPE200 processor box will be released by the end of the year with 3D image stitching and 3D graphics enhancements scheduled for the first half of 2011.


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