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Sony pushes boundaries

13 September 2012
Sony pushes boundaries

“We must push the boundaries of the possible at the same time as delivering efficiencies,” said Katsunori Yamanouchi, the newly appointed VP of Sony’s Professional Solutions Europe (PSE) business. “That is the critical balance for us.” Yamanouchi has been with Sony’s Professional Solutions Group since 1989. Latterly he headed up Planning & Marketing within Sony’s Content Creation Solutions Division. “All broadcasters need to diversify distribution and at the same time save investment by making their core operations more efficient,” he said. “As a manufacturer we have always tried to push the bar in picture quality which we realise may increase the cost of investment and, at the same time, balance that with solutions that deliver efficiencies.” Europe is a microcosm of this challenge. “While some markets are mature and are beginning to explore 4K, others still need to transition from SD to HD. For Sony the critical issue is to accommodate both ends of the spectrum.” His predecessor Naomi Climer (now at Sony Pictures in LA) left the division a profitable one, so does Yamanouchi feel any pressure to continue her legacy? “The Eurozone is facing a tough economic situation and we have a big challenge to meet customer needs. I have begun talking with customers and dealers and I will learn more as we take our discussion on a road show to southern Europe. Only then can I assess the true situation for each market.” “The TV of tomorrow is almost unrecognisable from the TV of the last century, he added. “The next-generation TV means much more than just picture quality. It means IP-connected and enabling the consumer to access a huge range of online content and services as well as stunning 4K resolution and 3D viewing – this is a long way from what we had in mind when HD was first introduced.” – Adrian Pennington12.A10

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