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Sony plans VR beyond gaming

18 October 2016
Sony plans VR beyond gaming

Sony has announced that it will be creating a variety of virtual reality content “beyond gaming” following last week’s global launch of the PlayStation VR headset.

Speaking at MIPCOM, Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Corporation, claimed that the company is ‘well positioned to set trends in VR’.

He said, “We have paid close attention to audience reaction to early VR exposure and intend to respond with a variety of content beyond gaming. Across Sony, our content divisions are working on VR entertainment as we seek to grow the industry.”

Sony has previously developed VR in the form of films, including The Walk, Goosebumps and Ghostbusters, whilst Sony Music is developing a VR music experience with EDM artist Kygo.

“VR provides us all an exciting and new creative frontier. We want you to share in our excitement about the possibility of VR to your respective businesses and to imagine the possibility as VR moves beyond games – to television, live sporting events, awe-inspiring documentaries and of course, B2B applications.” said Hirai.

“The perspective of my 32 years in this business tells me that there is no limit to what is possible if you stay tuned to the sensibilities and interests of the consumers and you understand where they’re going.”

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