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Sony OLED for CRT replacement market

28 January 2011

Sony plans to unveil two professional OLED monitors aimed at the CRT replacement market, at the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat, 14-18 February in Palm Springs, California. Carolyn Giardina reports.

The monitors are based on the same OLED technology that was part of the company’s demonstration of future technologies during the recent Consumer Electronics Show. There, Sony showed a prototype of a consumer autostereo OLED display for glasses-free home viewing.

Next month at HPA, Sony will unveil 2D-only models, though 3D capabilities are in the future plans. Further out, the roadmap includes a 3D OLED monitor that requires glasses, as well as an autostereo model.

Dolby has been going after the CRT replacement market with its now shipping PRM-4200 professional reference monitor, which was quietly previewed a year ago at the HPA Tech Retreat.

This year’s HPA Tech Retreat programme includes a panel discussion on reference monitoring, including speakers from Dolby, Panasonic and Sony. The Retreat will also include a full-day supersession about workflows.

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