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Sony launches Networked Media Interface

15 September 2014
Sony launches Networked Media Interface

Sony, in collaboration with 10 broadcast industry organisations, has launched the Networked Media Interface. The new AV over IP interface delivers low latency and noise-free switching of HD and 4K video, audio and metadata as part of IP-based networking.

The Networked Media Interface packetises video, audio and metadata, enabling realtime transmission between video production products via standard network infrastructures.  This technology is designed to enhance Sony’s IP Live Production system by increasing efficiency and reducing cost for the broadcasting of live studio and sports production.

Sony is developing Low Latency Video Codec (LLVC) technology, which supports the video compression required for 4K 60p transmission over 10 Gbps Ethernet.  The creation of SMPTE Registered Disclosure Document (RDD) for this codec technology is currently in process.  Sony has also adopted SMPTE ST 2022-6 and ST 2022-7, a technology which transports uncompressed HD-SDI over IP network.

The new Networked Media Interface combines the latest IP network technologies with a current SDI standard interface to support any resolution of video transmission. It has been designed to be flexible and scalable, since users have the ability to migrate to greater numbers of devices and higher video resolutions including HD to 4K over time.

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