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Sony launches IP Live production studio

21 June 2016
Sony launches IP Live production studio

Sony has launched a dedicated IP Live Studio as part of its Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe (DMPCE) at Pinewood Film Studios.

The new IP Studio will act as a training centre and test bed for third party interoperability.

According to Sony, the company can now provide a ‘landmark educational resource’ and practical tool to aid ‘literacy and excellence’ in IP.

“Ever since introducing our first IP-enabled solutions back in 2012, we’ve been working with partners and customers to make IP an operational reality in live production environments, said Norbert Paquet, strategic marketing manager at Sony Professional Europe.

“To date, standards and alliances have focused only on a few of the challenges of IP Live production. The IP Live Studio is therefore an opportunity for our customers to test and operate a complete IP workflow, and experience the exciting interoperability on offer.”

The IP Live Studio has been built as a ‘playground’ for partners that are part of the IP Live Alliance, allowing them to interface their own equipment with the Sony system.

Sony has already enlisted 50 members as part of its IP Live Alliance, all of whom will be able to use the studio to demonstrate their products’ interoperability and functionality in a live environment.

“The IP Live Studio will exist alongside Sony’s established cinematography and broadcast workflow at the DMPCE, which has already welcomed over 3,300 customers through its doors since its launch in 2013,” said Ann-Marie Hiscox, European head of training at Sony Professional Europe.

“The DMPCE has a strong heritage in training, and the IP Studio further supports Sony’s mission to educate and inspire AV professionals by letting them feel the power of the latest technologies for themselves.”

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