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Sony celebrates key UK successes

10 January 2008

Sony has announced a number of significant wins in the UK media and broadcast market, with an impressive number of orders coming from its Specialist Dealer network and beyond for both tape and file-based HD camcorders, writes Andy Stout.

One of the largest orders so far has come from Sony Specialist Dealer WTS Broadcast, which has reaffirmed its commitment to Sony technology, with an investment for 150 HVR-Z7E (handheld) and 30 HVR-S270E (shoulder mount) camcorders. In addition, WTS Broadcast has also placed an order for the new HVR-M35E playback and recording deck also launched last year as part of the next generation of Sony HDV products.

“We believe in and are committed to the new Sony HDV range. With this order we believe that there are more future opportunities for the freelance and videographer market as well, perhaps even with broadcasters themselves” commented Ofir Mor, MD, WTS Broadcast. “We are very excited with the wide range of broadcast materials which Sony has to offer, the HDV range is just another example of how Sony is almost tailoring its technology to specific needs of its customers, and is why we are willing to make such a large investment.”

Meanwhile, another Sony Specialist Dealer, H Preston Professional Video, which has a core customer base consisting primarily of universities, and other educational institutions, has placed an order for 100 HVR-S270E and 100 HVR-7ZE camcorders. John Preston, general manager, H Preston Professional Video commented: “We are pleased to invest in these new models. The HDV range will appeal to around 80% of our customers from universities to educational suppliers. The high quality picture images and workflow benefits make it an ideal solution and is why we have made a valuable commitment to this technology.”

Sony Specialist Dealer Creative Video Productions has ordered 50 HVR-Z7E and 20 HVR-S270 camcorders from Sony since their launch in November. The company has also placed an order for 20 Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD camcorders.

“This is an exciting purchase for Creative Video Productions, we are confident that the HDV camcorders will provide an excellent solution for our customers who range from broadcast to corporate television,” said Phil Baxter, managing director, Creative Video Productions. “We are also looking forward to receiving the PDW-700 XDCAM HD, which should appeal to our customers who require stunning quality HD images. Sony has always been an excellent investment for us as the technology provides us with both choice and reliability for us as dealers and our customers as well.”

And finally, one of the largest suppliers of digital camcorders for hire in the UK, has purchased five Sony PMW-EX1 camcorders plus accessories to complete its current range.

“From the moment we saw the PMW-EX1, there was absolutely no question over Hireacamera stocking it,” commented Guy Thatcher, managing director, “Since their launch, we have seen demand for HDV cameras grow exponentially and it shows no sign of slowing. XDCAM EX is a significant step forward and one that will prove immensely popular within our market. Top Teks share our passion for providing the highest level of customer service. Over the last three years, they have ensured that our customers have access to the latest Sony models at launch and thereafter provide us with the support needed to maintain that service. Naturally we once again chose them to supply our Sony Professional equipment.”

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