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Sony announces new full-HD monitors

16 January 2014
Sony announces new full-HD monitors

Sony has added to its range of professional and industrial LCD monitors with the release of the new Full High Definition (Full HD) multi-format LCD monitors. The new models consist of the LMD-A240 (24-inch, 1920×1200), the LMD-A220 (22-inch, 1920×1080), and the LMD-A170 (17-inch, 1920×1080).

The LMD-A series monitors incorporate Full HD ready LCD panels. For HD productions, this means that users can perform video monitoring at the original resolution without downscaling. They are lighter in weight and boast approximately 30% reductions in depth compared to previous models from Sony. In addition, power consumption has been reduced by approximately 20-30% depending on the model.

“We’ve designed the LMD-A series LCD monitors to be lightweight, slim and robust, without compromising picture quality and colour reproduction that Sony’s monitors have come to be known for,” said Daniel Dubreuil, senior product marketing manager, Sony Europe. “Their innovative chassis design makes the monitors perfect for use in situations with portability demands or space constraints, such as in OB vans.”

Key features include I/P conversion system with low latency (less than 0.5 field except LCD pixel response), in-Monitor Display (IMD) function for source monitoring, and high speed source switching with the aim of providing seamless monitoring.

Sony’s PVM-A series, released November 2013, and LMD-A series feature a unified design and user interface, for smooth operation if both product lines are used within the same system. Powered by DC power supply, the LMD-A monitors are ready for outside use. They can also be set up on a rack mount or yoke mount, and there is an optional protection kit available for LMD-A170 to reduce damage during transport or use.

The monitors will be on show at BVE between 25-27 February.


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