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Sonifex showing CM-TB8 Talkback Control Unit

24 August 2012
Sonifex showing CM-TB8 Talkback Control Unit

Sonifex is to present the new CM-TB8 8 Channel Talkback Control Unit at IBC this year. Marcus Brooke, managing director, said: “The CM-TB8 is a powerful and highly flexible self contained communications unit which offers easy connection to any industry standard talkback system including the Sonifex CM-TLL line listen unit plus the CM-CU1 and CM-CU21 commentator units and is ideal in an OB truck or small studio.” The CM-TB8 provides eight channels of four-wire communication. It has individual connections for both a headset on five pin XLR and microphone/headphones on XLR/stereo TRS jack, with the current selection indicated on the front panel. The gain setting for each input type can be individually set between +6dB and +68dB allowing for a wide range of microphone types. +48V phantom power is also available. Small talk level adjustments can be made using the front panel rotary control, with a maximum adjustment range of ±12dB. This adjustment can be disabled if required to stop inadvertent changes. A level limiter automatically adjusts the microphone gain if the signal level exceeds a preset level, and the current talk level is indicated on the front panel when it exceeds 0dB and +8dB. A separate output on the rear panel provides a balanced, gain adjusted and level limited microphone signal on three pin XLR. An optionally fitted telephony add-in card (CM-TB8T or CM-TB8G respectively) allows up to two channels to be connected to a telephone or GSM network. This enables the operator and the talkback users to communicate with a connected caller. Both four-wire and IFB operation is available. There are six configuration templates that allow settings to be stored and recalled at a later date. Two of the configuration sets are read only and cannot be changed. The other four can be used to store customised settings. The CM-TB8 Ethernet port allows configuration settings to be modified using the built-in web server, and an on-board configuration mode allows several of the configuration options to be changed without the need of a PC. The unit is powered from a universal mains input between 85-264V AC at 47-63Hz.8.E61

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