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Solid State Logic serves Turkish programmers

2 February 2012
Solid State Logic serves Turkish programmers

Dogus Media Group has installed two Solid State Logic (SSL) consoles for news, sports and entertainment programming by NTV and CNBC-e. The two C10 HD compact broadcast consoles are for Dogus Media Group’s newly consolidated studio facility in Istanbul.

“For the past year, Dogus Media Group has been moving its production facilities which serve seven TV channels and eight radio stations, into one location,” said Aysin Yilmaz, deputy technical manager for Dogus Media Group. “The NTV News Cube and CNBC-e 360 studios were the final projects and this is where the C10 consoles were installed. When we looked at the market for a broadcast console, SSL’s C10 stood out from the rest because of its sound quality, self-contained compact design, low power draw and high-level operating flexibility.”

Because of the extreme diversity of programming, Yilmaz chose the C10 to keep all aspects of audio production stable. Both consoles offer 32+8 faders with 96 DSP channels, each supported by four Alpha-Link Live and three Alpha-Link 8-RMP microphone input units.

“Having two identical consoles helps with our staffing schedule and the multi-level console lockout feature allows our chief engineer to set up programme parameters allowing a less skilled engineer to actually run a show, again giving us more engineering choices,” continued Yilmaz. “The Dialogue Automix option really streamlines our panel-type productions, as the console maintains an even level for all microphones while maintaining constant ambient sound.”

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