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Sohonet to integrate Signiant Media Shuttle

5 September 2012
Sohonet to integrate Signiant Media Shuttle

Sohonet will integrate Signiant‘s Media Shuttle software into its customer portal and file exchange solution. The new Sohonet Hub service enables global members of the Sohonet Media Network community to find, communicate and share information and digital content with other members. Damien Carroll, CEO, Sohonet, said: "Our Sohonet Media Network customers have frequently requested that we provide a file delivery application to help them transfer content to other network members. After careful evaluation of the products available in the market, we decided that by integrating Signiant’s Media Shuttle technology into the Sohonet Hub, we could build on the application expertise of Signiant and offer our customers a tailor-made delivery application that is attuned to their precise needs.” As an embedded feature of the Sohonet Hub, FileRunner will provide Sohonet Media Network users with tools for media asset transfers. "The launch of Sohonet FileRunner marks the start of a series of exciting, value-added services that Sohonet will be layering over existing offerings to ensure a consistently high-level customer experience across the globe," added Carroll. "With the embedded Media Shuttle technology, Sohonet FileRunner will enable Sohonet members to move critical content quickly, securely and intelligently via our superfast, high-performance Sohonet Media Network. We’re confident that this capability will make a significant difference in the way many of our customers do business."


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