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Softworks is perfect for Poppy

30 January 2007

London-based Poppy Films is the latest company to invest in Softworks, the new software-only version of the Lightworks family of high-end film and television editing equipment.

Softworks was first shown at IBC2006 in Amsterdam and has all the editing tools of the Lightworks Alacrity MR systems, without the video and audio i/o hardware. Material and projects can be exchanged or shared with Alacrity and other editing systems in a wide range of formats including DV25, MPEG2, uncompressed and OMF. Softworks can be integrated into advanced networking technologies allowing for efficient sharing of projects and media over Gigabit Ethernet and fibrechannel networks.

Chief editor at Poppy, Peter Goddard had this to say about Softworks: “Softworks is just brilliant,” he enthused. “I have been waiting, hoping that we would get something like this and Bingo! here it is, Lightworks on a laptop. I’m sure it works perfectly on a desktop, but it’s the laptop side that excites me. With the new Softworks and a USB console, I’ve got a fully working Lightworks system that I can carry on my shoulder, and everything works. I can copy media files to a USB drive, copy across an archive of a project, restore the project, play Touch files natively (no need to import them) and I get analogue sound scrub with a fine degree of control.

“Obviously a laptop isn’t a replacement for a full system, where the client wants large monitors and comfy sofas, but I’ll be using Softworks on my next project – a two and a half hour documentary which is being edited both in the UK & USA,” he continued. “I bought a laptop a while ago to try with other well-known editing systems, but they weren’t very good for cutting, being too fiddly and slow. Lightworks and Softworks are years ahead even if I want to do complex effects, for example, with Combustion. And, another thing, you can stuff your project onto a USB drive and work at home. Really I’ve got everything I want now: the Lightworks timeline, analogue sound scrub and the console. I can edit anywhere.”

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