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Soccer converted to 3D for Norwegian viewers

18 October 2011
Soccer converted to 3D for Norwegian viewers

TV2 Norway has begun broadcasting live converted 3D Premier League football matches to its IPTV and web viewers, writes Adrian Pennington.

The Norwegian broadcaster also produced and broadcast, on October 11, the country’s first native stereo 3D production when it aired the UEFA Euro 2012 qualifying match, Norway Vs Cyprus.

The first converted Premier League match was the clash between Manchester United and Liverpool for which TV2 routed its 2D signal via SterGen’s live 2D to 3D decoder, for distribution to the web and IPTV platforms.

“The sale of 3D TVs is rising rapidly, and TV2 already has a huge amount of viewers watching football on our online platform; TV2 Sumo,” said Eva Iselin Husby, Editorial manager at TV2 Sumo. “By running a game as big as Manchester United – Liverpool in 3D online, a large number of our customers get to enjoy a revolutionary three-dimensional sports experience.”

For more on SterGen’s technology see our 3D newsletter story: SterGen 2D-3D even better than the real thing. 

“Using smart and smooth transition of the 3D effect between different scenes, the viewing experience is kept as comfortable as possible,” said Ofer Wolf, SterGen’s CEO.

“Our technology allows the broadcaster to create the right 3D effect to fit the different devices – as the optimal effect for a tablet or a PC screen will differ from the one suitable for large TV screens.”


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