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SNTV on stream to deliver sports news

4 October 2011
SNTV on stream to deliver sports news

Sports video news agency SNTV this week launched SNTV Digital to enable publishers and broadcasters to easily integrate premium sports news video into existing digital editorial and commercial systems, writes David Fox.

The service has three digital video products for football, all sports and key events, available 24/7 in a full range of technical formats and delivery options including online, mobile, tablet devices and connected TVs.

This enables broadcasters or media sites to offer worldwide sports news and highlights across platforms, including broadcast – although HD won’t be available until January.

All content is offered as ready-to-publish clips of 60-90 seconds, and available with voice-over if required. The content is also available as raw edits of 2-4 minutes to allow clients to adapt the content – mirroring SNTV’s existing broadcast content. Native tongue sound bites are secured wherever possible.

The service can be received by direct download, ftp, or via an embeddable player that clients can easily integrate with their own ad-serving systems. This means that publishers and broadcasters can directly monetise sports content through advertising across multiple platforms, either directly via their sales teams or via an ad funded pre-monetised player.

SNTV, which is a partnership between IMG Media and the Associated Press, used Rightster AVS to design and deliver the new service, and to provide SNTV with its Advanced Video Streaming service and use of its real-time video distribution and rights management system.

“We are investing in additional digital rights and global newsgathering to extend our market-leading services, and have ensured we’ve built a service that delivers on clients’ editorial and technical needs," said SNTV Managing Director, Martin Kay.

“We believe our B2B focus is a major advantage. Our mission is to provide the most relevant sports news to our customers, in the most useful ways. Our customers – broadcasters, digital publishers, mobile operators – know their audience, so we’ve deliberately created SNTV Digital from our agency perspective, with a full range of content, delivery, and monetisation options for them to choose from."


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