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Snell unveils Kahuna Maverik for 360 Production Switcher

2 September 2013
Snell unveils Kahuna Maverik for 360 Production Switcher

Snell has announced the availability of its new Kahuna Maverik, a modular control surface for the company’s Kahuna 360 multi-format production switcher range. Kahuna Maverik provides technical directors with an access control interface for studio and mobile TV programming intended to save space, reduce setup time, and mirror the studio’s operation. The new product will be previewed at IBC2013.

"Maverik throws away the rule book for how a switcher control panel should be configured by splitting the key elements into smaller modules,” said John Carter, senior product manager, Snell. “With a groundbreaking new architecture that allows total customisation, operators can put together the modules that make sense for their production and provide the quickest access to multiple key functions.”

Maverik modules can be assembled in a variety of configurations without expending desk space. It has modules for setup, effects recall, color correction, resizing, and clip store access. Other features include crystal clear OLED buttons with user-assignable thumbnails, a touch-screen at the M/E level rather than on the separate GUI, and the ability to assign RGB values to buttons for confident operation.

With the new product, operators can support the largest multiple-M/E productions with a smaller control surface saving space in small, lightweight OB vehicles. In addition, the modular panel configurations give operators the option of switching the traditional broadcast together with other video streams from a central control point, or spreading them out in a more distributed fashion.

Maverik allows users to design the control surface in a studio in the manner in which the studio is laid out. For instance, a studio with video monitors on the left and right sides of the console requires a separate M/E to drive each monitor. With Maverik, the operator can deploy a module on each side in a horizontal configuration, for each monitor.


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